Fishing Report

November 9, 2022

Lake Shelbyville Crappie Fishing Guide

Lake Shelbyville crappie fishing is on fire right now!  We are fishing a slip bobber and minnow about 18″ deep around shallow laydowns and boy are they bunched up!  I have also been mixing in an orange/chartreuse jig on  a pink jig head in depths of about 8-10 feet on laydowns.

Really shallow standing timber as far back in coves as we can get is also holding fish.  The other day we were so shallow I couldn’t use the trolling motor and had to use the handle of my net to push us around until we finally ran out of water.  We caught fish all the way back as far as my boat could go.  Our strategy when fishing the standing timber has been catch one and move to the next stick up.  Keep doing this and coming back to stick ups you caught fish on and you’re sure to fill the livewell!  Again, a bobber and minnow about 18″ deep has been our best bait here.

The months of November and December are an excellent time to come out and do some crappie fishing!  The fish really bunch up and we can load the boat in a hurry.  If you’ve been waiting for a hot bite right now is the time you want to get out there!  Call, text, email or shoot me a message on Facebook messenger to book a trip!

Dan Lange

Tight Lines Guide Service


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