Fishing Report

October 2, 2021

Lake Shelbyville Crappie Fishing Guide

Lake Shelbyville crappie fishing has been good to us recently.  We have been fishing shallow brush, stumps and laydowns either with a slip bobber and minnow or dipping a blue/chartreuse jig into the brush and yanking them out.

Structure in 8 to 20 feet of water is also holding fish but have proven a little tricky to get to bite.  Most times we pull up to these structures and catch 3 or 4 really quick then they just refuse to bite.  Livescope can help you locate the fish but won’t make them bite.  So for now we will run and gun from spot to spot picking off the few aggressive fish and move on.

I do not have a Clinton Lake report right now because I haven’t fished it in a couple of weeks.  I would be fishing shallow structure with a jig and cork or minnow.

Dan Lange


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