Welcome to Tight Lines Guide Service.  We are a year-round crappie fishing guide service on Lake Shelbyville and Clinton Lake.  We will provide everything you need to enjoy a day of crappie fishing. All you need to bring is a valid Illinois fishing license, appropriate clothing for the weather we are expecting that day i.e. rain gear, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, and whatever food you would like for the day.  We will provide a cooler with ice and water for the day.

Lake Shelbyville is located across both Shelby and Moultrie counties in central Illinois.  It is an 11,000 acre Army Corps of Engineers flood control reservoir.  Clinton Lake is located in DeWitt county approximately 10 miles east of Clinton IL.  Clinton is a power plant lake and is used as a cooling water source for Clinton Power Station which makes the water warmer and can be an oasis in the middle of winter when all the other lakes are frozen solid.  Both lakes offer excellent crappie populations.

“My fishing memories are many. But treasured most of all are those fishing trips when all appeared hopeless, and then crappie came to the rescue.” – Dan Gapen


Fishing Report

June 14, 2022

Lake Shelbyville Crappie Fishing Guide

Lake Shelbyville post spawn crappie fishing is excellent right now.  We are limiting out almost every  trip out right now or coming really close.  Our best luck has come on PICO INT series crankbaits.  We are fishing them about 50′ behind the boat at 1.4 mph.  Good colors have been Wolverine, Blue Boogie and Mud Bug.  They will slam the rod back and then it’s just a matter of holding on and reeling them in!  It’s so much fun and great action for kids who may not be as skilled at casting and hitting specific targets!

For those who seek a single pole experience there is a solid jig bite on deep wood.  I’ve been targeting structure in 13-18 feet of water.  We are staying back about 20′ and using the Livescope to cast our bait and let it pendulum over the top of these fish.  It never gets old watching a fish come barreling out of structure to hammer a jig!  These fish get really picky in the summer as far as bait selection goes so if you’re on fish and they just won’t bite either switch to minnows or keep trying different baits.  I like to downsize my bait profile in the summer to trick picky fish into biting.  Also, when the lake is really clear like it is right now a fluorocarbon leader will really help.

I love summer crappie fishing and it’s the best time for those who don’t like the cold to get out and catch a bunch of fish!  I still have openings left in June and July to fish either one of these patterns!

Dan Lange

Tight Lines Guide Service


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These rates are for a private charter for up to two people, add an additional $100 for a third person.
All children 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

$400 for 8 hours

$300 for 6 hours

$250 for 4 hours

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